Mix Master Mike - Art of Revolution

Check out this mix tape by Mix Master Mike. Always doing it nice, sick scratches too. Check the website for exclusive tracks as well.


New Justice - Civilization

After a long 4 year absence, Justice finally return with a brand new single.  It was well worth the wait.


New Daft Punk - End Of The Line (Tame Impala Remix)

Tame Impala's remix is exclusive to the Australian release of TRON: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D. The psych-rockers added some drums and woozy keyboards to "End Of The Line," making an already ominous track that much more engrossing:


The Beach Boys - Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (1967 Rehearsal)

Recorded in 1967 during the rehearsal sessions for Pet Sounds,  the bootleg became a must own for any Beach Boys fan.  The songs were simple, stripped down, honest and perfect.


New Panda Bear - The Preakness

Animal Collective have teamed up with the apparel company Keep to design their own line of sneakers, which ship tomorrow to those who have pre-ordered them. Sales of the shoes benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, an organization that works to preserve the the Revillagigedo Archipelago off California’s coast. Each pair of pre-ordered shoes comes with a cassette tape (pictured above) that features one previously unreleased song from each of Animal Collective’s four members. 

Panda Bear’s contribution to the tape, “The Preakness”, named for the horse race and excuse to party that makes Baltimore, Animal Collective’s hometown, just a little bit drunker once a year. With its dazed vocals and warped synthetic beat, the track is vintage Panda Bear.


New Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes

Cat’s Eyes are Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist based in London, and Faris Badwan, the statuesque singer from British psychedelic-rockers The Horrors.  They're a romantic pop masterpiece fit to dine at the same table as mid-’60s productions by Phil Spector, Joe Meek or Shadow Morton, but with a fiercely modern, experimental premise, which constantly leaves you wondering just what you’re listening to, and how on earth it was created.


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