M C Hammer - Here Comes The Hammer

When life gets you down, pick up that hammer...

Megaman 2 Original Soundtrack - Metal Man

This is the Metal Man song from the original Mega Man 2 soundtrack. MIT actually did a study on this song. They did an experiment where the song was played over 400 times. The purpose of the experiment was to see if the test subjects would get bored of the song...they did.


Hand Shadow Performance

This video is fun to watch and for me personally every time I hear 'what a wonderful world' I tend to reflect on something deep...so that's a plus. 

Soul Train

Stuff like this makes me happy. Check out homie with the guitar and the nazi outfit @ 55 secs. Also, '7 Select' water from 7 eleven is delicious. 


Ghost World - Sound Track


For the longest time I have been trying to find this song from the movie Ghost World, starring Thora Birch. I occasionally let this movie play in the background while I do stuff, and every time I would catch this song in the background that sounded fun to listen too...well I finally found it...here it.

Fast forward to 2:27

Sarah Nagourney   - Never Gonna Stop

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